Soliton launches new cloud solution for live streaming

Soliton Systems, pioneers in mobile H.265 encoders for outside broadcast, have just launched their new Cloud Video Switcher (CVS) service. With the mass migration of the broadcast industry to cloud based and IP services, Soliton have now removed the need for a decoder solution to be installed at an MCR room or data center, giving customers the ability to live stream directly to social media and CDN systems direct from the cameras.


As well as supporting Soliton’s own Zao encoders and Smartphone Android cameras, CVS will also support third party encoders whether they be H.264 or H.265.  For use in a range of live streaming productions including sports, news, festivals and other live events, a single producer will have the instant ability to transition between different live streams, add text and overlay watermarks. As well as playout to social media and YouTube, streams can be simultaneously pushed to cloud based CDN networks via RTMP, RTSP or HLS for immediate broadcast and playout.


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