Mobile Surveillance in the cloud? Soliton announces new cloud solutions.

There was a time law enforcement and defense organizations were adamant about cloud. And that given its apparent insecurity it would never be utilized as a platform of choice. But times are evolving.

The Lincolnshire Police broke the mould in 2018 by installing the UK’s first cloud-based Command and Control Room Solution, developed by Motorola Solutions. Totally in the cloud.  Cloud solutions have long been recognised as a way of massively saving resources and using a subscription model to use services that can be more cost effective. Naturally security has to be addressed and with special secure data centres, private lines, encryption and a raft of IT security solutions to prevent cyber attack and access control, it has come of age that cloud-based solutions can be as secure as your own data centre within a closed network.

Soliton Systems are specialists in both IT Security and mobile surveillance and have just launched their first cloud-based solutions for live streaming specifically for the law enforcement and mobile surveillance market. Their small mobile H.265 encoders allows live streaming from the field from moving devices such as action cams worn on-person, vehicles, boats, trains, boats and drones. They can live stream over multiple 4G networks simultaneously, Wi-Fi or satellite, which can be an open public network, but they support full encryption of the video to make the video impenetrable. They are designed to work in the most challenging of situations including congested areas or where signal strength is low.  At the receiving end their new cloud solutions can either create an ONVIF compliant video stream that can be fed to an existing Video Management System (VMS). Or for organisations without a VMS platform, their new Cloud View platform gives organisations the ability to record from any location and then view multiple streams from any location in the world through a secure standard browser interface.

In addition, their recent award winning Zao Android App has been integrated into the new Airbus Tactilon Dabat device which gives the opportunity to have an encrypted live stream from an Android device which can then be viewed in the cloud allowing police offices to broadcast securely in full HD for the first time from their communications devices back to a virtualised command and control centre.

Cloud has become ubiquitous across the corporate and broadcast world, but it seems the last bastion of resistance is inevitably coming to terms with the benefits of cloud.